About AC Art

AC Framing was founded in 1970 by Keith Baggs following a number of years offering a framing service through his own shop, and to other retailers close to his home. We were the first company to offer an ‘agency’ framing service and by the early 1980’s we were regarded as the largest bespoke picture framing company in the North as we serviced customers throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North East on a weekly basis.

The arrival of franchise framing saw the market share reduced and the business looked at other ways of generating sales. We started offering contract framing and put together our first range of framed pictures, using prints purchased from various UK publishers. By the late 80’s we had discovered our first exclusive artist, Sue Willis. Sue’s range of cat portraits and teddy bear pictures took the market by storm and AC quickly expanded its publishing business.

It was in the late 80’s that Keith was joined in the business by his son Mike. By the early 90’s Sue Willis had become popular around the world with distributors all over Europe, Japan and Australia. The range of artists started to grow in the late 90’s and by the early 2000’s the arrival of giclee printing heralded the arrival of a new way to publish fine art prints.

In 2004 AC began publishing the work of Peter Brook RBA, an association that was to be extremely successful. Peter became the company’s biggest selling artist by 2006 and has remained there ever since.

The company continues to offer all the framing services that it always has whilst the fine art publishing and artist representation side of the business has grown significantly in recent years with the addition of the likes of Danny Abrahams, Ellis, Chris Morgan, David Cowden and many others. We have now separated the company into 2 different businesses - AC Framing and AC Fine Art.